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If you are thinking of donating a skin, it is important to consider your decision carefully. Read frequently asked questions

As per the reports of World Health Organization (WHO), there are about 6 to 7 million burn cases in India, out of which at least 1.4 lakh deaths occur every year. This means nearly 400 people die every day due to burn. These burns are electrical, chemical, from radiation and kitchen mishaps. they consist mostly women and children. Normally One person requires harvested skin from 2 donations. As per records, about 1000 burnt people require Donated Skin in Mumbai. It shows that there is requirement of 2000 Skin Donations in Mumbai alone. We need to be very serious about it.

  • Another most important and distinctive thing is, there is NO UPPAR AGE LIMIT for skin retrieval.
  • Anyone above 18 yrs of age can donate skin.
  • Skin can be donated within 10 hrs of death.
  • No bleeding or disfigurement occurs after skin harvesting.
  • Skin can be preserved upto 5-6 years, and this harvested skin layer can be made to use for as many as 100-200 patients.
  • In India, Face has too much concern for marriage of a Girl. So, skin donation can play a very vital role. There are many cases of burns and accidents. This harvested skin membrane is used for plastic surgeries of natural and accidental deformities.
  • Our mission is to bring the Waiting List to Zero. The task seems to be impossible, but it is not. It is difficult but possible. Current generation will not believe that there were Waiting Lists for Telephone Connections, Gas Connections, before few years. It has come to zero now.
  • One Consent of the Relatives of Deceased can Gift Lives to number of Patients fighting between life and death, you can’t imagine.

A skin bank is a center where skin taken from deceased donor is processed and preserved under optimal conditions, from where it can be used for the benefit of burn / accidental victims.

A retrieval of Skin can be done within 10 hours of the time of death.

Anyone can donate skin irrespective of sex & blood group. The minimum age of the deceased donor should be 18 years but there is no upper age limit. Skin of even a 100 years old deceased person is useful for treatment.

The whole procedure takes only about 30-45 minutes.

Skin is harvested from both legs, both the thighs and sometimes the back after clinical inspection.

No. There are 8 layers of skin, out of which only 1/8th layer of skin (about0.4 to 0.6 mm only) is harvested.

The skin such harvested from the eligible deceased body is processed in laboratory and then can be preserved upto as good as 5-6 years in Skin Bank.

No, there is no bleeding from where skin is harvested and there is no disfigurement of the body of any sort. The area is bandaged properly after the procedure. Donation of other Organs is also possible after skin harvesting,

Skin of any person below 18 years of age, and / or affected with Skin Diseases / Hepatitis / Skin Cancer / Septicemia / HIV, is not harvested.

Skin of any person below 18 years of age, and / or affected with Skin Diseases / Hepatitis / Skin Cancer / Septicemia / HIV, is not harvested.

The cost of the treatment with Natural Skin is much lower than Artificial Skin, and it is more effective for patients. It reduces the pain of patient also. The survival rate is much higher, because the chances of infection are reduced in natural skin. As far as Immunity is concerned, natural skin help improve immunity.

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