Our Mission

India is a religious country and believes in the Punya (Holy Karma gives holy results). Indians are by and large generous and helpful. It is not that the people are afraid of skin / eye / organ donation, or they do not want to donate their organ and tissues. It is because they are not aware enough of organ donations.

When we lose our beloved Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister or any close relative, what we do immediately is to inform our relatives and friends, colleagues etc. Then some persons, who are close to family but not from within the family, take initiative for funeral arrangements, informing extended friend circles, colleagues etc. After the funeral, family members become busy in getting Death Certificate for claiming the Investment, Property, LIC Policies and what not. We go very easy with all these, because we all have grown up watching and doing all these. We do not even once think of Organ Donation because we are not educated about it.

Our mission is to spread the awareness of Organ Donation just as of a Blood Donation. Just as every person is aware of blood donation, we would take efforts to make each and every person aware of the Organ Donation. The current campaigns are focusing upon the Wish of a donor. Our mission is to SHIFT this FOCUS from the ‘Wish of Own’ to the ‘Consent of Relatives’, and to educate the people to give Consent for retrieving organs after death of their beloved.

Our mission is to bring the Waiting List to Zero. The task seems to be impossible, but it is not. It is difficult but possible. Current generation will not believe that there were Waiting Lists for Telephone Connections, Gas Connections, before few years. It has come to zero now. In Mumbai alone, the waiting list for Organ Transplants is of approx. 3000 patients, and the waiting period is of 5 to 7 years. Many patients die within this span of period due to unavailability of Organs in time. Considering that approx. 300 persons die per month in Mumbai, and the relatives of these deceased give consent for the retrieval, how much time it will take to finish the waiting list ? One Consent of the Relatives of Deceased can Gift Lives to number of Patients fighting between life and death, you can’t imagine. Take this simple calculation. A brain dead person’s Two Eyes to 2 patients, Two kidneys to 2 patients, One Liver, One Heart, One or Two Bones, Pancreas, Lungs saves lives of 9 beneficiaries. And the skin can be made to use for 100 to 200 burnt / accidental plastic surgeries. Will it not be a big figure if everyone is aware of it ? Isn’t it a great thing we can do, much better than putting the dead body on funeral pyre (Agnisaskar) or burial (Dafan) ?

Our mission is also to pursue this matter with government authorities to create Infrastructure for Organ Retrieval / Storage / Transplantation in the remote villages. The practical use of all the awareness we have been doing so far is limited to the urban areas and big cities only. Even if a person from village wishes to donate, it is difficult to retrieve organs in required time. Where a patient needs 7 to 14 Hours’ journey to reach to cities, the awareness of organ donation is useless until the necessary set up is made available.

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