Kidney Donation

If you are thinking of donating a kidney, it is important to consider your decision carefully. Read frequently asked questions

Kidney can be described a second brain of our body. It is intelligent. filters the blood and makes it pure

Proof of 1st Dialysis, Reports of ‘3H’ Tests- (HIV, HbsAg, HCV), Test of Blood Group, Photo ID.

After being ready with the above requirements, a patient need to get registered only through the listed hospitals for Cadaver Transplant (now-a-days called as Deceased Donor Transplant). Zonal or State Level Transplant Co-ordinators receives the list from registered hospitals (which are authorized to conduct transplant operation), and distributes the organs received from the deceased donors. It is important to know that the patients cannot get registered directly with the Transplant Centers.

If your Creatinine level is increasing, You may or may not have to go for dialysis in future. Try to control your Blood Pressure and Diabetes, and get enough knowledge of Fistula.

For the patients who are diagnosed with Kidney Problem and may later need to go for Dialysis, it would always better to get the Fistula fixed in hand. Let us understand it thoroughly. The function of Kidney is to purify blood and throw out the waste out of our body through urine. It means, the dialysis of blood is done naturally by our Kidney in our body. If the Kidney fails for any reason, it is obvious to gather the waste minerals and chemicals in our blood. This waste is measured by the level of Urea and Creatinine in our blood. The range of Creatinine in healthy person is between 1.. and 1…. is .
If it goes beyond 5, the patients may require dialysis by machine, if not controlled by medicines and diets. When we say that the patient is on dialysis, we mean that dialysis is done by the machine. This machine works as an Artificial Kidney for us. It takes the blood from our body through One Tube, filters it, and sends the purified blood in our body through another Tube. Fistula, which is inserted and set in our forearm by surgery, has two such ways to send and receive blood in machine. After the fistula is fixed in our body, it takes nearlbout 0 t 45 days to set and be ready to function. If the Fistula is not fixed in our body and the emergency of dialysis occurs (When the Creatinine is much more than the bearable level, say beyond 8, the patient is on fatal state and may require immediate dialysis), doctors have no other choice to insert Two Way Tubes through neck, hand or even leg for an artificial dialysis. This is painful for the patient and it does not last long. Doctors need to find another place(Nerve) in body after certain number of dialysis. That is why it is advisable for the prospective dialysis patients to have the Fistula done in advance.

Yes. ‘One’ out of Two Kidneys can be donated ONLY TO a close relative of same blood group ONLY FOR Transplantation purpose, provided it fulfills clinical criteria. Any monetary transaction between the donor and the receiver is restricted by law.

No. Indian Law permits donation of Kidney ONLY TO the close blood relative. Monetary transactions are strictly objected from both the parties, and transplant from living donor is restricted for other than blood relatives in India. A through procedure has to be followed to ensure that there is no monetary motives or emotional pressure regarding donation of Live Donor’s Kidney

No. Every person has Two kidneys and one can live a normal life with Single kidney if one out of two kidneys is removed for transplantation. Though the live donor can live normal expected life, the receiving patient needs to take particular medicines (of around Rs. 10,000/- per month) for entire remaining life after transplantation surgery.

No. Both the donor or receiver do not get any disfigurement after Kidney Transplant Surgery.

No. Kidney from either a living person or a brain dead person only is useful. It doesn’t come to use for others after natural / cardiac death.

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