Eyes (Cornea) Donation

If you are thinking of donating a eyes, it is important to consider your decision carefully. Read most frequently asked questions

No. In case of Eyes donation, what is taken out is Cornea only, and not the eye. The face looks as same as normal. No blood strains or cut is seen.

After deciding to donate the eyes of the deceased, keep the eyes of the deceased closed and coverd with moist cotton. Switch off the ceiling fan, if any, directly over the deceased. Apply antibiotic eye drops periodically in the eyes of the deceased to reduce the chances of any infection. Raise the head of the deceased by about six inches, if possible.

No. Eye donation from living persons is not accepted by Law.

No, it takes just 15-20 minutes for entire process and leaves no disfigurement that will interfere with common funeral practices.

A Corneal transplant is an operation that replaces the opaque cornea of needy patient with a clear cornea obtained from a deceased human donor.

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